Families are created in many ways. One of the most exciting ways for families to come together is through the process of adoption. Choosing to welcome a new child into your family is an emotional—and potentially complicated—process. 

Whether your process includes adopting a child from a foster situation or through other means, the Routzon Law Firm can help. Let one of our experienced family attorneys help you navigate this process; call 817-616-0734 for an appointment today. 

One of the ways parents choose to have children is through the process of adoption. Perhaps you have chosen to work with an adoption agency, where they have legal means (and often extensive documentation) to walk you through the process. As adoption is a legally binding document, it’s important to know what your rights and responsibilities are as the adoptive parent, as well as protecting the needs of the child. If you and your family are in need of a qualified adoption attorney, we can help. Routzon Law is a trusted provider that brings families together. Adoption attorney services are available that focus on your family and ensure you receive the very best legal counsel while protecting the rights of you and your children.

Sometimes families experience circumstances where a biological parent cannot or will not provide a safe and loving home for their child, and another member of the family member, perhaps an aunt or uncle or grandparent, takes on the role of parent. Many times, these family members desire to make their home a permanent situation for that child through adoption. This may involve termination of parental rights for the biological parent, a potentially difficult and highly emotional process. 

The process and paperwork involved in bringing another child into your family can be complex and overwhelming. We can help you through the process with a clear explanation of the requirements and deadlines along the way. We have experience with the process and can put that expertise to work for you. 

Blended families are also common in our society, often through divorce and remarriage. Many times a new spouse desires to adopt the children of their new partner, bringing their family closer. This potentially involves prior custody agreements or issues, which need to be sorted out through the legal process. Our attorneys can work with you and your new spouse to ease the process of becoming a family. Call today for your appointment. 

Many children, through a variety of circumstances, have entered our foster care system. Sometimes these children are in need of, and hope for, an adoptive family they can call their own. However, many times these children have also experienced a variety of things that can require extensive assistance from outside sources. This may include psychological counseling, medical care, educational issues, or other facets. These things can require legal expertise to navigate; our attorneys can help. If you have chosen to bring a foster child into your family permanently, it is important to protect the child and the adoptive family throughout these situations. This leaves the new family as much time and energy as possible to care for the child and their needs.  

Adoption is a wonderful and complex way of creating and expanding our homes and enriching our lives. There are often many issues prospective parents haven’t considered, and they would benefit from legal assistance to provide the best situation possible for their growing family. If you have decided you are going to adopt a new child into your family, call the Routzon Law Firm today at 817.616.0734 and we will help to ensure that you are ready to welcome your new son or daughter into your family.

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