Estate Tax Planning

We can place you on the road to insuring that your hard-earned assets remain with your family.

Asset Protection Planning

Asset protection strategies are used both by individuals and companies.

Power Of Attorney

A very inexpensive and simple way to help provide security for you and your love ones when an unexpected life event happens.


Trusts can help you avoid the time and cost involved with the probate process.


Every adult with a spouse or children should have a Will.


We will review your assets and discuss the options available to you with a pre- or post-marital agreement.

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

We will review your assets and discuss the options available to you with a pre- or post-marital agreement.


We understand that mediation can be extremely valuable in helping people resolve their conflicts.


We will make sure your rights are protected and your needs are addressed.


We are a trusted provider that brings families together.

Custody & Visitation

We understand the extremely sensitive and emotional nature of this issue and handle each matter with particular care.

Child Support

Our attorneys work to ensure that the children of the marriage are adequately supported.


At the Routzon Law Firm we strive to help you through this difficult time and pledge to represent you zealously.

Family Law

Some of the most emotional times we ever face in our lives revolve around family. Often, in today’s world, family life can be difficult. At the Routzon Law Firm, we can help you through these difficult times. Divorce, child custody issues, payment of child support, …we help you by looking at these issues objectively so we can provide you with solid advice and counsel.

Business Law

At the Routzon Law Firm, our attorneys also have significant legal experience in other areas. We can provide expert legal advice and representation with issues involving:

Estate Planning

Estate planning is a deeply personal journey, requiring careful consideration, foresight, and a trusted legal partner who understands the intricacies of your unique circumstances. At Routzon Law Firm, we recognize that estate planning is more than just creating documents; it's about securing your legacy, protecting your loved ones, and ensuring your wishes are honored.